August  2020 Social Distancing Raft Deals

  • We are now offering a Social Distance Rafting Package. This includes a private raft for you and your friends to safely social distance while still having fun. That's right, one raft and up to four others you don't mind being in close quarters too. One flat rate of $2500 dollars for the Main Section of the Salmon and $2200 for the Lower Canyons Section of the Salmon. This gets you all the normal inclusions of a multiday river trip, one personal raft, and a qualified guide for you and whomever you want to bring. This comes with a guarantee of being treated to a trip of a lifetime with peace of mind of social distancing. Don't want a crowd? No problem! You choose how many and who comes with you on your adventure (guides still provided). We will go above and beyond to accommodate any social distancing needs that may exist in camp and on the river. Don't miss out on this limited-time deal on an adventure down the river.

    • Social Distancing Code Directions. 

      1. Find your trip and the dates you wish to go.​

      2. Click Book Trip 

      3. Enter 5 for the number of participants

      4. Enter rest of information as appropriate 

      5. Click Enter coupon Code

      6. Enter Trip Specific Code:

        1. "socialdistance" followed by the date of the trip.

        2. Ex. trip for July 15th enter "socialdistancejul15" (note only first 3 letters of the month followed by the day, no spaces).

      7. Click        to apply coupon.

      8. Click Pay Now 

      9. Follow Payment Information 

      10. Celebrate because you just signed up for the Trip of a lifetime!!

      • Any question please call 208-628-3373

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