Lower Canyons of the Salmon River 

The Lower Canyons Section of the Salmon River in Idaho is a 3-5 day trip that wanders warm and wide, making it an excellent rafting getaway for families, youth groups, and first-time rafters. Idaho’s Lower Salmon River is home to some of America’s most pristine inland river beaches, super-sandy and sprawling alongside warm river eddies, which are perfect for stand up paddleboarding and playing in inflatable kayaks. Thrill-seeking is also present with some of Idaho’s most famous whitewater rapids, gorges—like Demons Drop, Snow Hole, and Blue Canyon. The Lower Salmon River exhibits a side of Idaho rarely seen by individuals. Distinguished from the forests and mountains that make up much of Idaho’s wilderness, this river runs through the warmer, drier canyon country of the Seven Devils found in the Rocky Mountain Range. The Lower Salmon is also a veritable treasure chest of intriguing stories and relics from the past. Known human history dates back to a mind-boggling 10,000 years ago when the first humans inhabited the river canyon, leaving a wealth of Native American rock art.

Included in your Trip: 

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner

    • Meals on your river trip are made most elegantly, only the fondest of campers can dream of. All meals are included in your price and are provided by Adventure Idaho. 

    • Snacks are allowed to be taken down the river but are not provided by Adventure Idaho. 

    • Beverages- Soda and adult beverages need to be discussed with Adventure Idaho Inc before your trip. They are only allowed to be enjoyed in camp and not allowed to be consumed while on the river.

  • River Gear

    • All river gear necessary for floating the River will be provided for you

    • This includes Lifejackets, Helmets, Drybag, Day bag.

    • * If you would like to bring personal gear, this needs to be cleared before the trip with Adventure Idaho.  

  • Camping Gear

    • Delux Sleeping pads

    • Camp chairs

    • Eating Utensils

    • *Tents can be provided but need to be discussed before the trips start date 

  • In camp Fun 

    • Slacklining 

    • Bellywomping (visit our Photo Gallery for more information)

    • HooshkerDooshker (visit our Photo Gallery for more information)

    • Volleyball

    • Yardgames 

Lastly, we guarantee an unforgettable trip of a lifetime that you will be talking about for years to come!


Adventure Idaho Inc. is a equal opportunity provider and operates  under  a special use permit with the Bureau of Land Management